There are some law firms that consider their ability to work with written documents their biggest strength, and other take pride in their ability to resolve disputes through negotiation and litigation. Flanagan Law Group is strong on all fronts. We offer our individual and business clients the representation and resources necessary to get the best possible results. Litigation often requires dealing with voluminous documents and numerous witnesses, and our firm is structured to handle these efficiently and economically. Even if a dispute can be resolved through negotiation, firepower in the courtroom is an important asset - one that our experienced trial lawyers leverage to provide effective representation in disputes of all types.

While civil litigation is a daily activity at our law firm, we recognize that our clients may not be quite so familiar with the process. More often than not, these disputes are extremely stressful for the individuals and businesses involved in them. A civil litigation lawyer from our firm will do everything possible to relieve that stress by keeping you educated and updated about the process. While our strength in the courtroom is critical, we recognize that the best result is not always achieved through a trial. In fact, many of our clients appreciate an outcome that is achieved without even having to file a formal lawsuit. We are skilled and successful in using negotiation to reach a positive outcome.

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